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Flux v1.2 is out!

✨ New look and fluid dynamics

This month was an important milestone for Flux. Some of you may have noticed that Flux looks a bit different now. I’ve been working on getting Flux as close as possible to the original — a stable base from which to experiment — and I think we’re finally there!

  • A true-to-the-original color palette with improved color dynamics
  • Better scaling for different screen sizes
  • High-performance anti-aliasing (smooths out the line edges)
  • Extra magical touches to the fluid simulation

That last bullet point took 3 months of research to get right! Totally worth it, though! 😂

📺 Multi-monitor support

Flux now supports multiple monitors. If you’ve got several identical monitors next to each other, Flux will draw a single seamless fluid across them.

A big thank you to everyone who reached out and helped iron out issues with multi-monitor support ♥️

👀 What’s next?

I’m going to take a small break from Flux for the summer. Flux is in a stable state, so it’s a nice opportunity to recharge and clear my mind of all the fluid differential equations.

I’ll be back soon to tackle the next milestones:

  • A settings panel with a live preview
  • More color options
  • Sampling colors from your desktop wallpaper

📢 Feedback

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you!

✨ Do you have any feature requests?

📸 Send me photos of your setups running Flux.

⭐ Please leave a review on Gumroad if you haven’t already!

To everyone who bought Flux — thank you! ♥️

Talk to you soon!

— Sander

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Hangs on windows 11 running alienware 32mb ram, 1 tb ssd, rtx3080ti. The screen freezes. Selecting the screen produces an error that the application is not responding. The screen saver is installed. It shows up under the screen saver selections. There is an animation running in the preview screen. Selecting 'preview' freezes the display. Mouse pick the display and it turns white, pick again and it turns black and generates the microsoft error. Terminating the app returns normal function.

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